St John's Highbury Vale CE Primary School

Coronavirus Update

It is the start of the summer term, and the majority of families are settling back into remote learning. We just want to take a minute to say WELL DONE to all those parents who are trying their best to manage 'home schooling' and working from home. We are aware, it is almost an impossible task - try not to stress too much, if your children are happy and healthy, you need to count that as a success.

Our teaching staff are currently working on a rota in school, and the rest of the time they are setting work for your children on google classrooms, as well as keeping in touch with their classes through this platform. If you are still having issues accessing google classrooms please get in touch with the school office at and we can help you and your child get online. This is not just a brilliant platform for the teachers to stay in touch with the children, but also for the children to stay in touch with each other.

Try and remember - no school work on a weekend, this is a time for everyone to rest and relax.